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Private Dance Lessons vs Group Dance Classes

Group Dance Classes in Raleigh

Knowing how to dance can be a fun skill that can be useful in nearly any social situation.  The adventure of struggling to remember those first few dance moves to dancing a whole song, the confidence gained is a feeling like none other.  It is hard to tell which method best learning how to dance. 

East Coast Vs West Coast – The Evolution of Swing

swing lessons in raleigh

What is The Difference? East and West Coast Swing dancing are both distinct forms of swing dance. Before you understand their differences, you should know their symbiotic history together. Swing Dancing originated from the early 1920s and 1930s. Swing dancing has a long tradition of being a social and competitive form of dancing. Four of […]

Why Kids Should Learn Ballroom Dancing

ballroom dance for kids

  Much like swimming and riding a bike, kids should learn how to ballroom dance at a young age. It is one of the skills that can’t be forgotten and can be used all throughout one’s life. There are many proven benefits that are associated with children taking ballroom dance lessons. Our ballroom dancing lessons […]

Planning Your Wedding First Dance

Wedding Dance Lessons in Raleigh, NC

Planning the first dance of your wedding will hopefully be the least stressful part of your wedding planning process. We’ll also make it fun for you. Here is some helpful information when planning the first dance for your big day. Be Prepared No longer just a motto of the Boy Scouts. It is a way […]

Tips For Choosing a Dance Studio

how to choose a ballroom dance studio

For many, dancing is a way to enjoy life.  It helps get rid of the stresses of everyday life for a few hours and provides entertainment. Dancing is also a healthy activity to do with a loved one or a friend. Whether you’re interested in attending dance lessons for fun or you’re considering competing, there […]