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Top Wedding Songs to Dance to in 2023

Wedding Songs To Dance To

When it comes to wedding songs, it’s all about choosing the best wedding songs to get people out on the dance floor and make your wedding one to remember. You don’t want your wedding music to be cheesy, so you want to choose songs that people actually know and enjoy listening to and dancing to. […]

5 Benefits of Dancing While Pregnant


If you are an expecting mother you are experiencing an equally exciting and stressful time in your life. It’s natural for women who are pregnant to wonder what the best decisions are when it comes to caring for their unborn child, from the best foods to eat and what types of activities to do, a […]

Do You Need To Be Flexible in Order To Dance?


No matter what level of dancer you are, walking into a new dance or fitness class can be intimidating. The unfamiliar faces, expert instructors, the varying levels of flexibility, and people who seem to quickly and easily adapt to new choreography can sometimes cloud your mind, distracting you from the reasons you signed up in […]

The Best Father Daughter Wedding Dance Songs


If you have spent any time at a modern day wedding, you’ll be sure to remember that the father daughter dance is a staple of any wedding reception. It’s a sweet moment that the bride can share with her father or special role model in front of her family and friends on her wedding day. […]

Why You Should Go Salsa Dancing With Your Significant Other?

Salsa Dancing Classes with a A Partner

Think about the activities you do with your partner. Are you doing anything that teaches you a new skill, is good exercise and allows you to meet new friends? If you answered no, then you haven’t tried to learn Salsa yet as a couple. Salsa is a vibrant and exciting dance that gets you and […]