The East Cost Swing is probably the most famous American folk dance. It originated from the Lindy Hop. Popular Swings include the Black Bottom, the Charleston and the Shag which were called in the early 1940s, ‘the Lindy’.

At first, the Lindy was danced with shuffling movement, as a modified box step. The slight shuffling movement from Lindy style can be likened to today’s single rhythm in Swing. As the shuffling, or single rhythm developed, it progressed into both the double and triple time Lindy. Today all three styles form the basis of good Swing dancing.

The Swing is a spot dance, meaning it doesn’t move along the line of dance. The dance style has a free interpretation which uses often single, double or triple rhythms. Characteristics of the Swing include a relaxed shuffling as well as a use of the upper body sway.

If you’re not sure what this all means, don’t worry! Our instructors tailor each lesson and class to your skill level. You’ll be learning and dancing in no time!

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Benefits of Swing Dancing

  • It strengthens and tones your legs, glutes, and core and burns around 300 calories per hour
  • Swing is a great cardio workout
  • Swing dance classes are a great way to meet new people and make new friends
  • Dancing as been shown to relieve stress and improve your brain health
  • Dance lessons give you a confidence boost!

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