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Preparing for the Father-Daughter Dance

father daughter dance

The father-daughter dance is a beautiful part of the wedding experience. It is an emotional tribute soaked in tradition at the wedding reception. Originally, the dance was borne from the gesture of the father “handing off” his daughter to her husband. When thought of in that way, it can seem somewhat antiquated given today’s culture […]

How to Prepare for a Dance Competition

Preparing for a competition-1

Congratulations on participating in a dance competition!! It’s a very big deal and it can be a bit overwhelming–whether this is your first competition or not. To make the experience go smoothly, there are a host of things you should do prior to the actual event. At Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Raleigh, our instructors […]

Dance Classes for Couples for Valentine’s Day

Dance Classes for couples

It’s that time of year again when you want to show your significant other that you really care. (Shouldn’t we be doing that all year long?) Anyway, it’s Valentine’s Day! This year, consider giving something original instead of the usual chocolates and flowers. Think about giving dance classes for couples! Dance classes for couples are […]

Top Wedding Dance Songs for 2021

wedding dance classes in raleigh nc

The first dance is special. It is important to have the perfect music to enhance the moment. Here are the top trending first dance songs for 2019 weddings.

Best Experience Gifts for Couples & Individuals


If you’re having a tough time coming up with gift ideas for friends and family this year, you are not alone! The COVID-19 pandemic has taken the wind out of our sails in so many ways. And the 2020 holiday season will be very different this year. So, in light of this, and the fact […]

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7 Tips for Having the Essentials in Your Dance Bag


Have you experienced needing something for a dance class, audition, or competition and not being able to find it in your dance bag? Maybe your bag isn’t organized in a way that lends to easy retrieval or maybe you forgot to pack something. It can be frustrating, and totally distracting to what you are doing. […]

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How to Celebrate National Dance Day

Did you know that the third Saturday in September is National Dance Day? That’s a reason for a party! National Dance Day is an annual day that encourages people to celebrate dance as a fun and positive way to promote health. Of course, getting a group together these days is rather difficult during the COVID-19 […]