Some of the most passionate Bachata dancers are of the opinion that Bachata is easier than Salsa. More specifically, some claim that Bachata is more forgiving than Salsa with respect to the timing and execution of the movements. This is of course debatable, but there are many reasons that might justify such a statement.

5 Reasons Why Bachata Is Easier Than Salsa

1) More Body Contact​

As a beginner, you will probably dance with your partner at arm’s length. To make up for the lack of body contact, it’s easier to add hip and shoulder movements to Bachata than Salsa. This is not only easier; it also feels more natural when dancing with your partner in a closed position.

2) A Little Slower Tempo​

We like to follow the adage: “slow is smooth, smooth is fast”. Actually, even if a Salsa track might also have a slow tempo, it’s still more challenging to dance the Bachata on such tracks. Probably this has to do with the fact that Bachata comes from the Dominican Republic; whereas in most cases, salsa (and even part of its derivations) originates in Cuba.

3) More “Dancing”​

If you look at the history of Bachata, you will notice that it has emerged as a social dance, conceived for people to dance closely and comfortably with each other. This means that Bachata is not only easier but also better for showcasing your abilities as a dancer. Even if many Salsa tracks might have a good bpm (beats per minute), they are often quite challenging to dance on.

4) It’s Easier If You Are Big​

It makes sense that it’ll be easier to move your body around if you are taller and bigger than your partner. If you practice bachata, you can compensate for these differences by focusing on developing an elegant walk. In Salsa, you won’t have the time to do so! Also, you can put a bit more emphasis on technique in your dancing when working with a partner of similar height and size.

5) Bigger Steps​

Bachata has relatively larger stepping patterns, while Salsa is mostly danced with smaller steps. This means that it’s easier to achieve a good flow when dancing the Bachata; whereas you’ll need to take smaller steps when dancing Salsa. This is another reason why it’s easier to connect with your partner and follow the musicality in Bachata.

Of course, there are exceptions to this rule; but as a beginner, you do have a better chance of success if you choose Bachata first instead of Salsa or any other type of Latin dance.

What Are Some Other Differences Between Salsa and Bachata?

Bachata Vs Salsa: It’s All About Timing

Although the steps themselves are different between Bachata and Salsa, the real differences lie in the timing of your movements. The music is similar but feels very different because of where beats ‘1’ and ‘3’ fall. It’s difficult to explain without referring to a metronome, so let us know if you want more information on this!

Body Movements

Bachata tends to have hip movements, whereas Salsa has more shoulders and feet. Bachata also seems to be danced with a straighter back, rather than the curved Salsa posture.

Finally, it’s easier to stop on a dime in Bachata because there are no walk steps! For example, if you’re dancing with a partner and she starts to run away from you, it’s much easier to stop dead in your tracks. In Salsa, it can be a challenge because there are so many walk steps that follow the natural tempo of the music.

Is Bachata Easier Than Salsa?

Bachata feels easier to dance because it’s danced with larger steps, there are fewer walk steps, and the bpm is generally slower. This doesn’t mean that it’s easy, but it will be easier to get started and keep dancing in the long run. However, this doesn’t mean that you should throw your salsa shoes away! The timing of your movements in Salsa is far more precise than in Bachata. And ultimately, what makes a dance challenging is not the steps, but how you put them together. Learning Salsa will help you become a better dancer in general because it helps you develop great technique and more coordination.

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So when we put bachata vs salsa side by side, it’s easy to conclude that Bachata, in general, is easier than Salsa. But in the end, it doesn’t really matter! Bachata is great for getting started with dancing because it has a different feel than Salsa! Don’t knock it before you try it. If you’re already an advanced dancer, take some time to practice Bachata and you’ll be surprised by how much fun this dance can be! Contact our team now to learn more about joining our dance classes. Give us a call at (919) 872-0111 today!


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