Trying to find more information regarding Bachata dance lessons in and around Raleigh? Bachata is a Dominican dance that traces its origins to the early part of the century and incorporates indigenous, African, and European musical elements. It has a quick pace with upbeat guitar rhythms featuring a staccato-style chord structure played primarily on electric guitars by bachateros while they sing an improvised verse about their love for their bachateada or bachatengua.

This dance is also danced in couples where bachateros perform intricate patterns on their own or while they are spinning their partner.

Bachata is a refined, sensual dance that is fun for anyone to learn!

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Bachata Origins

The word bachata literally means “little bays,” a reference to a type of boat used by fishermen. However, it has come to be associated with music, love, and dancing. Bachatas are typically written from the perspective of bachelors who sing about the women they adore or desire.

The hips are an important element of the dance because they represent the soul. The bachata dancer is not considered a bachatero or bachateada until he or she has won the praise and admiration of bachateros and bachateadas who follow their art.

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Bachata Styles

Bachata dance consists of different styles that are influenced by the bachateros who first created bachata music. The bachatero’s style is what distinguishes one bachata style from another.

Here are some bachata styles you might want to try:

  • Dominican bachata characterized by sharp, staccato movements with no fluidity or continuity between steps
  • Urban bachata focuses on footwork rather than the movement of hips and upper body. It mixes hip hop influences with bachata so it has an athletic quality to it
  • For couples who supposedly have a stronger connection, there are high energy bachatas where they spin their partner, adding more intensity to the dance
  • There are bachatas that have a lot of hip-swaying and smooth moves

Bachata Dance

As bachata grew in popularity, it also began to change as the dancers who first created bachata music produced new bachatas with different beats and bpm. Many dancers created bachata tracks with an up-tempo beat so they could be used as dance material for faster songs. In terms of dates, bachata was initially danced only by couples but later evolved into a couple’s dance partnered by both men and women.

With the influence of other dances such as salsa or French cha-cha, bachata has grown leaps and bounds from its beginnings in the early part of the century.

Many bachata dance classes today aim to introduce bachata in its earlier form to dancers who want a taste of bachata’s rich history. In addition, couples can also learn how to perform bachatas from different styles which is an enjoyable way to spend a bachata night.

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