When most of us think of Samba, we probably think of Carnival in Rio. Originated by African people living in Brazil, Samba music and dancing is a mixture of African and Latin American rhythms.

With its lighthearted and festive style, Samba is now a popular dance performed in all parts of the world. In Brazil, the Samba is usually performed to a moderately slow tempo which contrasts vividly with the spirited version favored in the U.S. The dance has stayed popular over time and still ranks high among social and competitive dancers.

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Why Take Samba Lessons?

  • It is great aerobic exercise, which leads to better heart health and more energy
  • Samba can help improve your posture
  • In addition to physical exercise, dancing has been shown to be a great workout for your brain
  • Dancing is a known stress reliever

Take a look at some Fred Astaire students doing the Samba:

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