My husband and I started taking lessons in October 2006. I always wanted to take dancing lessons. We started with Introductory Specials-4 lessons on the basics of social dancing and we have been dancing ever since! Dance lessons are our “date nights” and we always look forward to learning new dances and steps. There are no more excuses at parties and we have never had so much fun! We absolutely adore the staff at the Fred Astaire studio in Raleigh, NC. They are amazing dancers and teachers and they truly care about each and every student regardless of age or ability. They are the best!

– Chris and Linda Bailey

It all started a little over three years ago when my husband gave me a gift certificate for 4 ballroom dance lessons. We never believed that dance lessons would occupy such an important part of our lives or how far we would go. Little did we know how much fun dancing would be. Now we are performing in a show and it has been one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. I tell all my friends and family that we are dancing at the best dance studio in North Carolina.

– Lori and David Slack

I’ve always loved watching ballroom dance on T.V., but I never imagined that I could one day do it myself. Looking through the yellow pages in November, 2007, I found the Fred Astaire Dance Studio and called to schedule my first Introductory Lesson. Almost a year later I am now coming in at least two times a week, I’ve performed at studio showcases and I’m currently preparing for a regional competition. The best part is I’m having the time of my life! I would recommend Fred Astaire in Raleigh, NC to others who are interested in taking ballroom dance lessons for so many reasons and here are a few…The quality level of all the instructors and visiting coaches is impressive! Also, everyone is friendly and welcoming! A visit to the dance studio always leaves me in a good mood and with a sense of accomplishment!

– Myra McPherson

I first came to the studio basically just to make my wife happy. I figured I would come in for a few lessons, maybe learn some steps-that’s about all I expected. I ended up getting way more than that. I can honestly say that I’m doing things now that I never imagined I would ever do. Now I am learning about form and technique-the things that make dancing beautiful! I have been in a few shows, had performances and I’ve had a blast doing it! My wife, Kay, and I enter the most prestigious competitions in the United States, such as the Ohio Star Ball, United States Dance Championships, Heritage Classic, and Mexico Open.

– Ed Hammond

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