The Foxtrot

ballroom dance lessons in raleigh north carolinaThe Foxtrot is one of the most deluding dances. It looks very simple but is one of the most difficult dance to do. Originally from the 1913s, the dance was born when Harry Fox, a vaudeville performer, presented a little trot which appealed to the social dance teachers in New York. Since that time, Foxtrot has gone through many changes and is now comprised of more soft and fluid linear movements.

The Tango

Born in the bordellos of Buenos Aires in Argentina, The Tango is danced in a slightly different manner than other dances. The lady’s arm under the man’s arm creates a tighter hold for a quick staccato action and stylized poses. This unique hold is one of the main Tango’s signature.

The American Style Tango is a progressive moving along the line of dance using body movement. A staccato movement of the feet and flexed knees highlight the dramatic style of the Tango.

The Waltz

The Waltz has its first apparition in the late 1700’s, in Bohemia, Austria, Bavaria and other parts of Europe where it was considered as a fashionable dance. Danced in 3/4 timing, the recurring, even beats of music send the dancers whirling around the floor enjoying the thrill of the Waltz movement.

The Quickstep

As the name implies, the Quickstep is a very quick and lively dance, comprised of hops, skips and kicks. The dance started as a quick version of Foxtrot mixed with the Charleston, and musical Jazz influences.

The Viennese Waltz

Originally from Austria, The Viennese Waltz is faster than a Waltz. In the early 19th century, Johann Strauss and Joseph Lanner wrote the first waltzes. The German choreographer, Paul Krebs, created the Viennese Waltz style to which we dance today, in the middle of the 20th century. The dance had received a great deal of popularity not only in Europe, but also in America, and has been used in many Hollywood productions.

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