What Types of Dance Lessons Do You Teach?

Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Raleigh has developed a unique three-way system of teaching that offers private lessons, group classes, and social public dance. It is proven to develop some of the finest ballroom dancers that the nation has to offer.

During a private lesson, you will be taught one-on-one by a professional instructor. Everything is specialty custom to your need.

A group class is the fastest way to learn new steps. You will focus on the pattern of the dances and the technical skill.

At a Social Public Dance,  you have the opportunity to go out on the dance floor and try out all the technical steps you learned in your lessons. It is a great way to socialize and meet new friends. Our instructors are there to help you around the dance floor. Public Dance is held every Thursday at 8 pm at our Raleigh location.

How Can I Get Started?

Check out our Introductory Course and Wedding Program

When Can I Take My Lessons?

The first step to dancing is scheduling your first private session. Contact the studio and set up an appointment at your convenience. Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Raleigh is open Monday-Friday 12:00pm-10:00 pm and Saturdays by appointment.

How Soon Will I Be Able to Dance?

Under the Fred Astaire Dance System of dance instruction, you will be up on your feet and dancing in your very first lesson. We start this lesson by teaching you the basic steps of the most popular dances so that, within a very short time, you will have enough confidence to get yours on the dance floor.

Do I Need a Dancing Partner?

Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Raleigh offers lessons for couples as well as for singles. Whatever your situation is, one of our well-trained professional instructors will guide you.

Do We Have to Change Partners in Group Classes?

Although rotating partners have been proven to help your dancing, rotating is by no means mandatory. You and your partner are free to stay with each other for the whole class; just be sure to let the instructor know that you would like to stay with your partner so that he/she can accommodate you without confusing the other students.

What Types of Dances Do You Offer?

We offer all partnership dances such as Waltz, Tango, Cha-Cha, Salsa, Rumba, Foxtrot, Swing and club dancing. We can help you with your wedding dance, all your social dance needs and basically any dance done with a partner.

How Much Will it Cost to Learn to Dance?

Depending on the level of proficiency you want to have, how quickly you want to progress and, how well you pick up and retain the material, the cost will vary. Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Raleigh can personalize a program that matches your individual goals and budget. We also offer for new students two types of beginner programs at a special rate.

So, don’t be shy, make that first step to Contact Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Raleigh. Walk in and Waltz out!

What Should I Wear?

You should wear something that is easy to move in and comfortable. Even though Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Raleigh does not have a dress code, most of our students wear what could be considered “casual”. Shoes are probably the most important thing to consider.

What Kind of Shoes Should I Wear?

We recommend you to wear comfortable shoes with “smooth” or leather that stays on your feet well; shoes that have adjustable straps or lace up are perfect. Wearing Sneakers, rubber-soled and shoes that are too big could be a handicap for dancing. At some point in your dancing, you might want to invest in a pair of high-quality dance shoes. Our professional instructors can advise you on choosing the right dance shoes.

What is the Age Range of Your Students?

We have dancers of all ages from college students to people who are 80+. People of all ages are welcomed at Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Raleigh!

I Have Two Left Feet…Can You Help Me?

Fortunately, we have yet to meet anyone with two right feet so yes, we can help 🙂 At Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Raleigh, everyone was a beginner at some point, even us! Feeling nervous about your first time is common and is to be expected. The professional instructors at Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Raleigh are highly qualified and well trained at helping you overcome the first time jitters.

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