In the U.S. and Europe, discos with sound systems and flashing lights quickly became popular for entertainment between the 1960s and 1970s. Following this period, dancing in discos was predominantly a freestyle dance such as the ‘rock’ style exhibited by pop stars of the day like the Jackson 5. Dress code of the era like bellbottom pants and elevator shoes were also the popular trend at this time.

The Hustle originated 1973 where an unnamed, new type of “touch dance” was made popular by women at a disco called The Grand Ballroom. The young men of the club quickly took notice and became interested in trying this new dance. It was a simple 6-count step that had a very basic form, which included an inside and an outside single turn.

In 1975, this new field of entertainment inspired nightclubs, hotels and television programs to hire young and innovative professionals to perform. With these new dance jobs opening up, the young dancers sought out new ways to excite the club audiences.

Hustle dance style is performed to the modern pop dance music. It is a fast, smooth dance with the lady spinning almost constantly. The man draws her close, then sends her away. Free rhythmic interpretation is characteristic of this dance.

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Benefits of Learning to Hustle:

  • It is a great workout for your body and brain
  • You’ll meet new people and make new friends at classes and dance parties
  • You’ll be able to confidently hit the dance floor at weddings and parties
  • Your self-esteem will get a boost in your every day life

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