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When it comes to the Bachata, wearing the right clothes and shoes is important if you really want to be able to move and feel the music. Just as you wouldn’t show up to a baseball game wearing a tux, you want to be sure you have the right outfit for the specific dance you’re doing. 

If you’re new to Bachata dancing, we’re going to take a closer look at this fun Latin dance and the right Bachata outfits for men and women.

What is Bachata Dancing?

Bachata is a style of Latin dancing that originated in the Dominican Republic in the 1960s. It’s known for its love stories and rhythm. The music involves five instruments; Requinto (lead guitar), Bass guitar, Segunda (rhythm guitar), Bongos, and the Guira. When all of these instruments are played together, dance partners can move beautifully together.

When you’re talking about Bachata dancing, there are several styles, including:

Dominican or Traditional Bachata

This style is danced to medium to fast tempo music. The original steps include a front-to-back rhythm, but today it’s danced side-to-side in an 8-count rhythm. There are plenty of hip movements with a big pop on the 4th beat! This dance is sure to create quite the workout.

Sensual Bachata

Unlike the fast tempo of the traditional bachata, the sensual Bachata is danced to slow to medium tempo music. Partners share a deep connection that lends itself to body rolls and sensual dips. There is no fun pop during the 4th beat hip movement, rather there is more of a figure-eight movement. The sensual Bachata has less footwork, but more turns.

Modern or Urban Bachata

This style has the rhythm of the basic Bachata but also incorporates staples like the Tango and Bolero. It stays true to the original Bachata with the hip movement on the 4th beat.

Best Bachata Outfit for Men

Now that you know the basics about the Bachata, it’s important to know what outfits are better for dancing the Bachata. When you’re talking about the best Bachata outfit for men,  pants that are a regular fit allow for better lower body movement. When it’s warmer, shorts are a good choice too.

Since there is a lot of movement in the Bachata,  it’s a good idea to wear an undershirt so that sweat stains don’t show. Moisture-wicking materials are always a plus. Dance shoes are always preferred for your feet, but sneakers can work too, just be sure they don’t have a rubber sole.

Best Bachata Outfit for Women

Breathable clothing typically makes for the best Bachata outfit for women. Flowy skirts or dresses with spandex shorts underneath are usually preferred. Leggings and shorts will work too, but nothing too short! 

Short-sleeve shirts, blouses, tank tops, and even crop tops are good items to pair your bottoms with. Just like for men, you can’t go wrong with a moisture-wicking material.

Dance shoes are best for women too, but other types of shoes can work as well. Shoes should have a short heel with at least one strap. Flats or sneakers without a rubber sole can also work. Shoes need to be comfortable and easy for you to turn in.

The Bottom Line on the Best Bachata Outfits

Whether you’re looking for outfits for men or women, you’ll want to keep these tips in mind when it comes to the best Bachata outfits:

  • Choose an outfit that makes it easy to move, dip, and spin.
  • Keep your clothing lightweight because your Bachata dancing will get your temperature rising! 
  • Avoid clothing that doesn’t hinder your movement, especially at the shoulders and the elbow and knee joints.
  • Layer your clothing so you have options when it gets hot.
  • Bring an extra shirt to change in case you get too hot.

As you keep these clothing tips in mind, you’ll be able to Bachata like the best of them!

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