Are you looking to begin ballroom dance classes in Raleigh? There are so many choices you have for dance studios. We know that it can be frustrating. However, they are important because you’ll want your decision to last for years to come. The dance studio is where you learn, make new friends, get your exercise, and experience the joys of ballroom dance.

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Ballroom Dance Studio in Raleigh

Curriculum and Measure of Progress

Does the ballroom dance studio have a plan for success for their ballroom program? Does their plan differ from beginners and more experienced ballroom dancers? The lessons should be clear in how they expect students to progress from beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels of ballroom dancing. The dance studio should have a clear and precise measure of success. A dance program that lacks a clear curriculum could have you spending more time and money and seeing fewer results.

Types of Ballroom Dance Styles Offered

If you are searching for a ballroom dance studio, you might already have a ballroom dance style that you would like to learn. It’s important that the studio not only offers the ballroom dance styles that you are interested in but that they focus on those styles enough that they will be able to meet your personal growth goals. Even if you do not yet know which dances you would like to learn, you should ensure the studio offers a good number of classes that allow you to be flexible in your choice.

Ballroom Dance Instructor Qualifications

Some dance companies require their dance instructors to be certified. Certification may act as a helpful indication of an instructor’s ability to teach, but it by no means should be taken at face value. Many factors should be taken into consideration when choosing an instructor at a ballroom dance studio.

  • Years of Teaching
  • Years of Competing Professionally
  • Years of Competing with Students
  • Achievements of Students in Local and National Competitions
  • Experience in Various Styles of Dance
  • Reviews and Testimonials From Present and Former Students

Social Events and Community Involvement

Ballroom dancing does not always have to be about lessons and classes. It’s just as much about having fun and building community. You should see groups of happy smiling people who appear to enjoy each other’s presence. Check out their social calendar. They should be hosting their own social dances and other fun events.

How Well Do The Students Perform in Competitions/h3>

Competitions are a fun addition to social ballroom dancing. If you are looking to compete, it is good to understand how well their current students place in competitions. While many ballroom dance studios send students to dance competitions and showcases, there are vast differences in the competitive culture from studio to studio.

We know just how different every dance studio in the Raleigh area is and how tough that makes it for beginners to choose between them. Our Raleigh dance studio offers a full range of Ballroom and Latin dance lessons for all skill levels. All are welcome with or without a partner. All dance lessons are taught by our Certified Dance Instructors who will make you feel comfortable on any dance floor and with any dance. Call one of our ballroom dance instructors at 919-872-0111 and ask about our specials.