Planning the first dance of your wedding will hopefully be the least stressful part of your wedding planning process. We’ll also make it fun for you. Here is some helpful information when planning the first dance for your big day.

Carolina Dance Wedding First Dance

Be Prepared

No longer just a motto of the Boy Scouts. It is a way of life. Your dance instructor will have a ton of questions for you. It will save both you and your instructor time if you were prepared before your first lesson. The dance instructor will ask questions like:


  • Date of Wedding
  • Music From a Band or DJ
  • Size of the Dance Floor
  • Layout of the Reception Area
  • Theme of the Wedding
  • Number of Guests
  • Style of Wedding Gown
  • Style of Shoes
  • Song Choices


Types of Dances

Your song choice could determine which dance or dances you would be performing. There are many types of dances and dance variations you could learn. Some of the most popular wedding dances are:


Slow Dances –

  • Waltz – Graceful and Classy
  • Rhumba – Slow and Sensual
  • Foxtrot – Cool Dance, Easy to Learn


Fast Dances

  • Salsa – Fun, Flirty and Energetic
  • Cha Cha – Fast, Versatile, and Easy to Learn
  • Swing – Classy, Cool and Casual


The More You Know

There are few final thoughts to keep in mind when planning your first dance.These will not only help you and your fiance but also save valuable time for your instructor.

  • Do not wait until the last minute to schedule your lessons. Ideally, you would need 4-6 months before your wedding to properly prepare for your big day.
  • Discuss with your instructor if you would like to incorporate any fancy or special moves into your routine such as dips, lift, walk-ons, walk-offs, and any other tricks.
  • Be patient – Learning how to dance takes time. Have patience with your dance partner, instructor, and most importantly… be patient with yourself. At first, it will seem that you have two left feet. You will soon be able to do those fancy twists and turns without stepping on your partner’s toes.
  • Be Creative….Be Different
  • Always Practice – Don’t just dance during your scheduled lessons. You’ll never be ready in time for your wedding. Practice at home. You should even practice your portions of the dance routine by yourself.
  • Wear similar shoes to your lessons that you would wear on your wedding day.
  • Be Consistent with Your Dance Lessons – If you miss a dance lesson, try to reschedule the lesson as soon as possible. You want to keep the routine memorized without missing any steps.
  • Most importantly…..Have Fun. Dance lessons can be a fun and stress relieving evening for you and your partner.


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