Carolina Dance Tips For Choosing A Ballroom Dance StudioFor many, dancing is a way to enjoy life.  It helps get rid of the stresses of everyday life for a few hours and provides entertainment. Dancing is also a healthy activity to do with a loved one or a friend.
Whether you’re interested in attending dance lessons for fun or you’re considering competing, there are some key elements to consider before becoming a student at a dance studio.


The price of dance lessons is a very important factor when choosing a dance studio. Make sure to ask exactly what you are paying for. Does the studio offer group lessons, private lessons, practice lessons, or wedding dance lessons? Most studios have a fixed number of classes that are included in your purchase, so be sure to find out how many classes you can take.

Dance Types Offered

Depending on the preference of the dance studio owner and its staff, most studios specialize in certain styles. If you are interested in learning a variety of dance styles, make sure the studio teaches more than one or two styles.

Dance Levels

Find out whether the studio offers different dance levels–beginner to expert. No one wants to feel discriminated against or uncomfortable while dancing. Also, make sure the dance studio caters to all types of people, regardless of age, size, etc.

Experienced / Qualified Instructors

Of course, it is important to have an experienced dance teacher who knows what he or she is doing. It is good to ask if the dance studio’s staff and/or dance director is certified. Ask how long they’ve taught dancing and how students respond to the way they teach. While some professional dancers are masters, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are good teachers. It is important to find out whether the dance instructors are patient with their students and are able to explain and encourage growth in their classes.

Client Reviews / Testimonials

When you visit the dance studio it is important to observe the studio’s setting, attitude and customer satisfaction. Does the studio have a welcoming and helpful atmosphere? Do they have longtime students who keep returning for the love of dance and the way that particular studio teaches? Most importantly, are the students having fun?

Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Raleigh

Fred Astaire proudly offers all partnership dances, from waltz, tango, cha-cha, and salsa, to swing and club dancing. Many of our teachers have Fine Arts degrees and all have passed exams given by the Imperial Society of the Teachers of Dance and/or the Fred Astaire Curriculum certification.

To learn more about our dance classes and see if our Raleigh, NC dance studio is right for you, please check out our event calendar or send us a message.