Did you recently get receive a gift certificate for dance lessons at our Raleigh dance studio? Or perhaps you made the decision yourself to take dance lessons and classes. No matter if you are here to prepare for your first wedding dance, practice for a social dance competition, or just here to learn a new skill. We would like to say congratulations and good job on taking the first step, no pun intended, towards being a dancer.

When you first walk in, you may feel overwhelmed, confused, and wondering if having two left feet is a real thing. Don’t stress out. Stay calm, we are here to help. Today we will tell you what to expect at your first dance lesson and you’ll be able to gain the confidence to come back every week for your dance lessons and classes at Fred Astaire.

How to Survive Your First Dance Lesson at Fred Astaire Dance Studio

    1. Be On Time

– Rather than just being on time for your scheduled dance lesson, be early. Your dance instructor will appreciate your punctuality and eagerness to learn. If you do anticipate being late or won’t be able to show up for your lesson, please call or email us.

    1. Comfort

– It does not matter if you are learning to salsa dance, swing dance or even taking lessons on how to do the cha cha, being comfortable is an essential key to success in dancing. The most important aspect of being comfortable at your dance lessons is your shoes. No need to bring your high heels. A good pair of old sneakers or flats would do just fine. With all the steps and movements involved with dancing, we recommend wearing something light and cool. Even with air conditioning on, your body temperature will rise. If you are to enjoy dancing, stay cool and stay comfortable.

    1. Be Prepared

– During your first dance lesson at Fred Astaire, we will spend a portion of the lesson talking about the types of dance that you want to learn, songs you want to dance to, and we’ll go over what you could expect from future dance lessons and classes.

    1. Open Up

– Keep your eyes, ears and mind open. Watch your dance instructor, they will show you each move, step by step. Listen to them, they will teach you new words such as leading, following, or even the various ways to turn. Keep an open mind. In dancing, you will learn a new level of closeness that you have never experienced before.

    1. Be Patient

Being an experienced dancer takes time. Don’t feel bad if you accidentally step on your dance partner’s toes. Focus on one move at a time. With the guidance of your dance instructor and enough practice, you’ll be waltzing across dance floor in no time.

    1. Have Fun

– This is by far the most important part of surviving your first dance lesson. Relax and fun with it.