What is Following?

When you are ballroom dancing, you are following the same principles of cause and effect. Meaning that based on cues and signals from the one that is leading the dance, the dance partner that is following would perform a specific action. If you do not receive a signal from your dance partner, you should do nothing and wait until partner communicates the next cue. Dance signals can vary with each dancer. The signals could be a squeeze of the hand, shifting of their weight, or even a wink of an eye. No matter what the trigger is, you should react accordingly and instantly. The act of following should be executed swiftly, effortlessly, and without thought. By practicing your dance, you will be able to decipher the signals from your dance partner in seconds, with such speed that no one will notice any delays.

Tips to Being a Better Follower in Ballroom Dancing


– Probably the most important element of being a great follower in dance is the art of being patient. There is no need to rush through the routine. Slow yourself down and wait for your partner to lead.


– If you want to succeed at being a better follower you must remember to stay firm. Much like in leading, you need to maintain your frame. In order for your dance partner to effectively lead you across the dance floor, your frame must be firm and strong.

How To Maintain a Strong Frame


  • Stand Up Straight
  • Tighten Your Core
  • Ensure That Your Right Arm and Elbow Are In Front of Your Ribs
  • Roll Your Shoulders Back
  • Good Placement of Your Left Hand Would Be Near Your Dance Partner’s Triceps



– The best part of dancing is that it is fun. Don’t let stress and overthinking the dance ruin your fun.

Resist all urges to take control and lead

– Follow your partner’s cues and enjoy the dance.

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