Dance Classes for couples for valentines day

It’s that time of year again when you want to show your significant other that you really care. (Shouldn’t we be doing that all year long?) Anyway, it’s Valentine’s Day! This year, consider giving something original instead of the usual chocolates and flowers. Think about giving dance classes for couples! Dance classes for couples are something you can do together as an experience gift with the end result being an activity you can enjoy for years to come!

You’ve seen the passionate dances on television shows like “Dancing With the Stars.” Dances such as the Salsa, the Bachata, the Tango, the Rumba, and the Cha-Cha add romance to the dance, so to speak. Here are some benefits for you as a couple and some wonderful reasons to give dance classes for Valentine’s Day.

Reignite the Spark

Learning to dance together can give your relationship a new spark. Maybe you are in a rut with day-to-day family obligations and need a little excitement. Dancing can help you enjoy doing something new together! Whether you are learning a slow and intimate dance like the Tango or a passionate and high-energy dance like Salsa, the romantic fires can be stoked.

Build a Better Relationship

There are so many daily tasks that a couple who lives together has to do. Things like cleaning, washing the clothes, paying the bills, taking kids to soccer and music lessons occupy the majority of our time. Who does what? How are the tasks distributed? It takes teamwork so everything doesn’t fall on one person. Well, dance is teamwork too! It’s moving together in step, leading and following. When you dance as a couple you can “sharpen the saw” and, ultimately, develop skills that build a better relationship.

Get Back In Touch

As a couple with family responsibilities, you may let time with each other slide through the cracks. Dance lessons give you a scheduled reason to have a date night. Make an evening of it with dinner. Get back in touch with each other during dance lessons!

Enhance Fitness

When you spend time at the gym, you are usually working out alone. Even if you go with your partner, you are there at the same time but not working out together necessarily. Dancing is exercising together. You are intimately joined face-to-face and moving together in sync. A fast-moving and energetic dance like the salsa, done for an hour, can expend close to 400 calories! (Think about it…have you ever seen an experienced dancer who isn’t fit?)

Gaining Confidence

You may be a confident person in most situations but, when faced with getting out on the dance floor, you become a shy wallflower. Social events like weddings and parties can involve dancing, and you miss out on the fun being a sideliner. Having some skills on the dance floor where you can move in unison with your partner gives you the ability (and confidence) to enjoy a good time to the fullest!

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