If you want to watch your Fitbit numbers climb, just try a Ballroom or Salsa class. You’ll lose count of your steps as you keep beat to the music. Dancing has a number of proven health benefits, and doctors recommend it as an excellent form of cardio. High energy dances with a quick tempo, like Salsa, Tango, or Swing are particularly good for burning calories and getting your heart pumping. Slower-paced ballroom dancing, however, is still a good workout, and exercises your brain by increasing focus and concentration.

Health Benefits of Ballroom and Salsa Dancing

salsa-and-ballroom-dance-for-fitness-in-raleighAside from just giving you those extra Fitbit steps, the dance steps you learn here will improve your overall health in many ways. For example, did you know ballroom and salsa lead to:

  • Healthier lungs and heart
  • Increased muscle strength and flexibility
  • Increased endurance
  • Improved aerobic fitness and heart health
  • Reduced risk of osteoporosis
  • Improved weight management

Not only is dancing good for your body, it has benefits for your mind, particularly as you age. Some research shows ballroom dancing can actually:

  • Reduce risk of Alzheimer’s
  • Improve balance and spatial awareness
  • Increase mental functions and focus
  • Improve psychological well-being and confidence
  • Improve social skills

Which Types of Dance are Best for Fitness?

Just like every dance has its own rhythm, every dance style has its own benefits. People looking to increase muscle strength and tone may want to try a different kind of dance class than someone looking to control their weight. Let’s take a quick look at the “Best Of” categories.

Best Dance for Burning Calories

Salsa dancing is the favorite for people trying to control their weight! With high-tempo dance moves and music, you’ll feel classy and gorgeous while burning the calories away.

Best Dance for Improving Mood

The winner for biggest smiles: Swing Dancing! You can’t frown while you’re swinging around to the snazzy tunes of swing. Come make a new friend as you partner up and have some high-energy fun!

Best Dance for Improving Focus

Ballroom dance takes focus and patience. If you want to exercise your mind while you workout your body, ballroom dances like the Waltz or Foxtrot are a great way to improve your mental clarity.

Best Dance for Making New Friends

All of them! Join up with a partner, exercise, and learn some moves!

Are You Ready to Get Fit By Dancing in Raleigh?

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