National Grandparents Day will soon be here. Grandparents Day has been in existence since 1978. It has evolved over the years, but originally the holiday was coined by former U.S. president, Jimmy Carter as a way to educate the youth about the important contributions senior citizens have provided to our communities. In the United States, it is celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor Day in September. Some countries honor their Grandparents on different months and days.

What do you get your Grandmother or Grandfather for Grandparents day?

Your Grandmother and Grandfather have always been there for you. There is always a great story to be shared about how different life was when they were growing up, usually while sharing fresh homemade cookies.
But what are some great gift ideas for the grandparent in your life?

  • Handmade Card
  • Flowers
  • Jewelry
  • Shirt or Hat that says #1 Grandparent

While all those gifts are cute, thoughtful, and clever. It has all been way overdone.

Why not get them something that they will love not just now but for years to come. Get them a gift that they can actually benefit from.

Give Your Grandparents The Gift of Dance

These days dancing is not just for young people. Take a look into any activity center or Fred Astaire Dance Studio, you’ll see groups of all ages learning social dances such as ballroom, latin, or swing.

Some of the benefits of dancing for seniors include:

Mental Acuity

being defined as the sharpness of one’s mind. Mental acuity helps shape focus, empathy, concentration, and memory. Dancing such styles as ballroom dancing or even swing dancing may increases the activity in your brain by helping you think about each dance step as you move across the dance floor.

Social Connections

No matter the age, dancing is a great way to interact with your peers. Professional studies and research have shown that social dancing has vastly improved many social skills within the senior citizen community. With better communication skills, confidence, and more involved in the community, You will be able to quickly see why dancing lifts spirits and increases positive feelings. Open new social doorways for your grandparents by giving them a way to mix, meet and mingle with other like-minded adults in a low-pressure atmosphere.

Physical Well Being

Dancing is an excellent form of exercise. As your grandparent ages, muscle mass is lost, balance and coordination can be a bit clumsy. Attending social dance classes can help us feel younger. Studies have shown that dancing has improved motor skills, straightened one’s posture, burn calories, and has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. With dance lessons and attending our practice parties, your grandparent will be slowing down the aging process in no time.

Do something different for your Grandparent this Grandparents Day. Show them how much you care and that you appreciate them with the gift of dance. Contact us today by calling our Raleigh dance studio at 919-872-0111 or by filling out the contact form below to get your grandparent a gift certificate for dance lessons at Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Raleigh.

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