If you’re having a tough time coming up with gift ideas for friends and family this year, you are not alone! The COVID-19 pandemic has taken the wind out of our sails in so many ways. And the 2020 holiday season will be very different this year.

So, in light of this, and the fact that many of us haven’t been out and about for 10 months, we started thinking about “experience gifts.” It makes a lot of sense to give experiences instead of material presents. Most of us have too much stuff anyway. Being at home has shown us that a) we have clutter and b) we don’t need so many things.

So, we wanted to give you some ideas of what we think are the best experience gifts for couples (and individuals) that will be waiting for them when the time comes and everyone is free to move about!

What is an Experience Gift?

The term “experience gift” may be new to you. Experience gifting is when you give someone a gift that is a life experience rather than a material item. Think of it as a gift of “doing” something. More and more, people are moving away from thoughtless consumerism and choosing experiences that enrich lives, inspire, and teach. Experience gifts are more meaningful and leave wonderful lasting memories.

Why Give an Experience?

It has actually been shown that people who spend money on experiences instead of material things are happier. In the recent past, we have been a very consumer-driven society and buying material gifts is just something we do with little thought. But, 50% of Americans say that they receive unwanted gifts during the holidays, which adds up to a lot of clutter. In effect, we are consuming stuff we don’t want or need. And, as a result, the ecosystems of the globe are being impacted. Experience gifting means you can actually be a better steward of the environment.

What Makes a Great Experience Gift?

Giving any gift shows thoughtfulness, love, and caring to the recipient. And, it brings joy and pleasure to the giver. An experience gift can enrich someone’s life, it can provide an adventure, teach a new skill, open up a new world.

These are some of the things great experience gifts can do for people:

  • Provide amazing adventures
  • Enrich mind, body, and soul
  • Inspire
  • Teach
  • Challenge others to surprise themselves
  • Create happy family connections
  • Leave others with lifelong happy memories

How Can You Give a Great Experience Gift?

You can give a great experience gift by first thinking about what the recipient is interested in. Have you ever heard them say they would love to do something if money weren’t an obstacle? Do they have certain interests such as culinary arts, physical activity, music, arts and crafts? Really think about what you know about the couple. This will help you narrow down your choices. A great experience gift compared to one that is just so-so is one that has a special meaning because the recipient is interested in it.

Ideas for Best Experience Gifts

Here are some ideas for the best experience gifts for couples on your gift list:

  • Give lessons for something like dance, art, music, cooking, or making craft beer
  • Go see a favorite author at a book signing or talk
  • Plan a travel weekend, maybe to a new place
  • Have a spa day
  • Plan a day trip
  • Have a hot air balloon ride
  • Give local passes to a zoo, art museum, history museum, science museum
  • Give passes for zipline or ropes course
  • Give passes for state and national parks
  • Give a night away for couples with children

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