If you are new to dancing you might be unaware of the unspoken rules of dance etiquette. Whether the style of dance is ballroom, swing, latin, or even dancing at a wedding, dance can be a socially intimate activity and you must know proper manners, courtesies, and how to maneuver the dance floor. With these tips, experienced dancers or those stepping out on the dance floor for the first time will be able to stay calm, cool, and will be less socially awkward.

Etiquette For Social Dancing

  • Positive Encouragement
  • Always reassure your dance partner. Your partner may lack confidence in their dance skills. Give encouragement, rather than criticism.

  • Smile
  • Never forget to smile! Smiles are contagious and can make everyone on the dance floor feel better.

  • Be Considerate
  • Consideration of others is very important on the dance floor. You and your dance partner aren’t the only ones on the dance floor. Try not to swing your elbows or steer your partner wildly across the floor.

  • Don’t Be a Showoff
  • Never attempt to perform stunts that can bring unnecessary attention such as tricks, dips, lifts or any other dance that can be considered dangerous to yourself or others.

  • Start Out Simple
  • If you are in doubt of your dance partner’s skill level, start out with a simple dance move such as the foxtrot.

  • Be Apologetic
  • It happens to everyone, even to those that have been dancing for years. Stepping on other dancer’s feet and bumping into others is a normal part of social dancing. A polite apology goes a long way.

  • Be Thankful
  • At the end of each dance you should thank your dance partner. They will appreciate your gratitude and be more apt to accept your invitation to dance again.

  • Equality in Dancing
  • There are no rules in social dancing stating that a male must ask a female to dance.

  • It’s Ok To Say No
  • You don’t have to accept every invitation to dance. If you choose to decline a dance, do so with a smile. Be polite and perhaps offer to dance at a later time.

  • Have Variety
  • Dance with a variety of dancers and dance a variety of different dances. Even if their skill set is greater than yours, perhaps you can learn something new.

    From the moment your dance partner accepts your invite to dance till you take their hand and guide them off the dance floor, these social dancing etiquette tips will be helpful. The most important thing you should always remember is to

    Have Fun and Dance!

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