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Do You Have a Fear of Dancing?

chorophobia - the fear of dancing

Does the thought of dancing make your heart beat faster, feeling a little short of breath, or want to run away and hide? There is a lesser known phobia that is more common than you think, Chorophobia. Find out how you can overcome your fear of dance.

Make Dancing a New Year’s Resolution for 2018

formal ballroom dancing

At the beginning of each new year we take part in the annual tradition of making New Year’s Resolutions. Often enough these goals are broken before the end of January. Instead of wasting money on gym memberships, make ballroom dancing a part of your goals for 2018.

What Shoes Should You Wear For Ballroom Dance Lessons?

shoes for ballroom dancing

Whether you are an absolute beginner to ballroom dancing or a seasoned expert in the fine art of the waltz, you don’t need to invest too much money to have shoes appropriate for ballroom dancing. We’ll show you which shoes are best for ballroom dancing.

Private Dance Lessons vs Group Dance Lessons in Raleigh

Group Dance Classes in Raleigh

Knowing how to dance can be a fun skill that can be useful in nearly any social situation.  The adventure of struggling to remember those first few dance moves to dancing a whole song, the confidence gained is a feeling like none other.  It is hard to tell which method best learning how to dance. 

East Coast Vs West Coast – The Evolution of Swing

swing lessons in raleigh

What is The Difference? East and West Coast Swing dancing are both distinct forms of swing dance. Before you understand their differences, you should know their symbiotic history together. Swing Dancing originated from the early 1920s and 1930s. Swing dancing has a long tradition of being a social and competitive form of dancing. Four of […]